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Folon. A Journey in Brussels

From February to September, three distinguished Brussels museums, in partnership with the Fondation Folon, extend an invitation to all visitors to explore the multifaceted brilliance of Jean-Michel Folon.

Exhibition: “Folon: A Journey in Brussels.”

The spring season in Brussels presents a unique opportunity for cultural enrichment, as the city vibrates with artistic energy. Among the highlights, the world of Folon stands out as a must-see.

Located in the serene environment of La Hulpe, just a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Brussels, the Folon Foundation offers an engaging experience into the creative realm of the renowned Brussels artist Jean-Michel Folon.

Throughout February to September, the Fondation Folon, together with three premier Brussels museums, organizes a dynamic series of events. This includes hands-on workshops, insightful guided tours, and exclusive exhibitions citywide. This program caters to a wide audience, from art connoisseurs to those in search of creative inspiration.

The Magritte Museum draws parallels between the artistry, language, and unique elements of Magritte and Folon, highlighting a pivotal discovery in Folon’s early career. This insight, “One can truly achieve anything in painting, even conjuring mysteries,” marked a turning point for Folon.

Visitors can delve into Folon’s diverse interests and his collection habits at the Maison Autrique, a historical gem and one of Horta’s initial designs, offering both grandeur and intimacy.

Additionally, an exhibition curated by the Museo Civico Garda and Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, in collaboration with the Fondation Folon and the Design Museum Brussels, explores Folon’s ties with Olivetti. This exhibition provides a glimpse into the evolution of advertising design, spotlighting a significant era of innovation.

Ultimately, “Folon in Brussels” this spring is more than an exhibition; it’s an open invitation to a journey of creative exploration. As the season unfolds with blooming flowers and bright sunshine, we encourage you to discover Folon’s universe and unleash your imagination.

For further details, please visit the Fondation Folon: Fondation Folon.

Image – Fondation Folon

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